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Thank you Richard Shine!

This is a great video by our client Richard Shine, a song written for his nephew killed in action in Afghanistan.

Thank you Richard for your kind words about our studio-


An open letter to fellow musicians,

My name is Richard Shine. I’m a songwriter from Colorado, new to the Arizona area. I mostly write songs for children but was inspired to write a song for my nephew who was killed in Afghanistan last August. I got such a tremendous reaction from everyone who heard the song that I decided that I needed to record it to share with a wider audience. I didn’t have a clue where a good studio in the Phoenix area was (and didn’t know anyone to ask), so I began searching on line. I happened upon Scott’s website for Brick Road Studios. It looked very professional and he seemed to have all the latest digital equipment so I scheduled some time (I thought it was a reasonalble rate) and went in cold turkey.
Well, I feel very fortunate to have found Brick Road and Scott! Brick Road has a relaxed, comfortable and professional atmosphere, but is equipped with all the latest digital equipment, mics, and accessories needed to put out a great recording. Scott is extremely proficient with numerous recording programs to enhance and refine your song He was very easy to work with, had great suggestions on where to take my song and even added his superb keyboards to the mix. He went way beyond my expectations of what this song could sound like! The entire experience was a real high (no drugs involved!). Scott was also very professional and timely with making changes to my mix and giving me time to listen and reflect on my song. I never had a problem getting in touch with him to make some mix changes or to send me an updated version of my mix. I would highly recommend Brick Road and Scott for any recording projects you may have on the back burner. From solo acts to bands he can put your best “music” forward! I will be doing all my future projects with Scott and Brick Road!
Richard Shine (


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